March 03, 2015

Birthed in the hearts of Cal and Jackie Rice, Rice Bowl Ministries was created to give food and clothing to the homeless and less fortunate people of Skagit County.

We started gathering clothing, furniture and food in our garage to give to people. We both have a heart to serve. We were married in 2007 and knew from the beginning that there was something special happening. God put it in our hearts to go out and feed the homeless. We tried to find a building but soon realized that it would not be possible for us. So, we decided to take our van and go mobile. We realized that it would not be big enough to handle everything we wanted to do. Knowing that our Father in heaven supplies all of our needs, we began praying for a bus. Home Place in Burlington Wa. had bought a new bus and wanted to find a place for their old one that would be used for helping people. We were chosen to receive the bus.

We have become a ministry of helping people. Where there is a need, we try to help. We have given food, clothing, household items, prayer and sharing the love of the Lord. We do not give money. You are welcome to become a part of what we do. We have a schedule that we take the bus on. If you are interested in going out with us, give us a call. We take our bus out to different locations and hand out the things we have on the bus. We always need help sorting clothing and organizing the things we get. If you have a need, please call and we will try to help however we can. God seems to fill the need as it comes in.

We do need money for gas. We accept donations of all kinds. We buy toiletries, tents, sleeping bags, and food.

If you would like to help in any way, please call Cal's cell phone at 360-708-8344. Thank you and may God Bless you always.

Our garage has turned into a clothes closet!

People have been so generous and given us clothing, blankets, household things and much more.  Everything we get given to us is given away. The money that is donated is used to buy food, clothing, gas and other things associated with our ministry. We have been so blessed by the generosity of others. Without them, we would not exist! We now have our 501c3, non-profit status and can give tax exemptions for donations.

Helping Hands to those in Need

On the left - Our bus parked in front of Reverie BBQ. Owners Matt and Cheryl Koffman are truly a blessing. They give free dinners to anyone who comes the last five days of the month. They asked us to come during that time to hand out clothing. We pick one of the days and go hand out clothing.

Above are some of the places we have been. Delivering furniture, The Peer Connection, Anacortes Food Bank are just a few. We also take our bus to local places where they feed people to hand out clothing. We have been invited to bring the bus to different functions that serve the homeless and less fortunate. Community Action has invited us to come to their office on occasion. We go to the Vererans Standdown in Concrete. What a nice way to say thank you to our Veterans.  It has always been such a blessing to us to be able to serve people wherever we go.

We started going to Oak Harbor, working with Flintstone Outreach Ministry.  They have been feeding the homeless for several years every Friday night.  We now go two Fridays every month to hand out clothes. Two of our Board members, Diana and Bob Franklin are now in charge of that area. God has blessed us with more clothes and people to help reach other areas. We are always seeking God for other ways to help the homeless and less fortunate.  One of our goals is to provide showers and a way to wash clothes for people living in the streets.

Give us a call at 360-708-8344 and let us know how we can be of help. Our mission is to give help wherever we can. We are always looking for more ways to help and looking for people who are of the same heart and want to help people. 

Located in Anacortes, Wa.

We are a 501c3, non-profit ministry. We count on donations to run our ministry.  Without others, we cannot do what we do.

For donations of clothing, food, or other usable items, call Cal's cell phone, 360-708-8344, and we will tell you where you can take them, or we can come and pick them up. Thank you so much for your help.

Cal and Jackie Rice

Cutting and Gathering Wood

Left- Several people that help cut and gather wood for those in need. (We no longer have wood available)

Baptist Church, Lyman, in the parking lot.

We are a ministry of people helping people. We are a multi-purpose ministry. If there is a need, we will try to help however we can. We will give food, clothing, household items, and prayer. We are here because people donate items to us. We do not give out money. Without those of you who donate to us, we would not exist. We thank you for your support. We ask God to Bless each and every one of you.

A special thanks to our friends and supporters:

  • The Soroptomist in Anacortes
  • The Red Door in Anacortes
  • Encore in Sedro Wooley
  • CTK Anacortes
  • CTK Mount Vernon
  • The Assembly of God Anacortes
  • The Lutheran Church Anacortes
  • Lens Works Anacortes
  • People in Skagit County for many donations
  • Community Action in Mount Vernon
  • Anacortes Food Bank
  • Anacortes Homeless Shelter
  • Franz Bakery Mount Vernon
  • and many more!