October 22, 2018

Birthed in the hearts of Cal and Jackie Rice, Rice Bowl Ministries was created to give food and clothing to the homeless and less fortunate people of Skagit County.

We started gathering clothing, furniture and food in our garage to give to people. We both have a heart to serve. We were married in 2007 and knew from the beginning that there was something special happening. God put it in our hearts to go out and feed the homeless. We tried to find a building but soon realized that it would not be possible for us. So, we decided to take our van and go mobile. We realized that it would not be big enough to handle everything we wanted to do. Knowing that our Father in heaven supplies all of our needs, we began praying for a bus. Home Place in Burlington Wa. had bought a new bus and wanted to find a place for their old one that would be used for helping people. We were chosen to receive the bus.

We have become a ministry of helping the homeless. Things have changed a bit.  We now have Jason and Misty Lynch doing the bus ministry.  They take it out on the weekends and go directly where the homeless are. Like us, they have a heart for the hurting people who have been left without a home. If you see the bus parked somewhere, and you have a need, feel free to go to them and get clothing and toiletries, blankets, and whatever we have that they can use. We are happy to have them join our ministry.

 Thank you and may God Bless you always.

Above are some of the places we have been. Delivering furniture, The Peer Connection, Anacortes Food Bank are just a few. We also take our bus to local places where they feed people to hand out clothing. We have been invited to bring the bus to different functions that serve the homeless and less fortunate. Community Action has invited us to come to their office on occasion. We go to the Vererans Standdown in Concrete. What a nice way to say thank you to our Veterans.  It has always been such a blessing to us to be able to serve people wherever we go. We no longer are doing furniture. The bus goes around looking for homeless people and helps them as they find them.